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  • Whonix: An OS for the era of Anonymous and Wikileaks

    Anonymity is an increasingly scarce commodity. Google's latest Transparency Report revealed government requests for data about users of its online services are increasing. It's not hard to find examples of threats to privacy — either intentional or unintentional.

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    US petition seeks to make DDoS “a legal form of protesting”

    An online petition to make distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks a legalised form of free speech has been created on the website.

  • Online libel case stirs up free speech debate

    An Illinois politician's attempt to unmask the identity of an e-mail poster who allegedly made disparaging remarks about her teenage son in an online forum is stirring a debate about free speech rights on the Internet.

  • China clears bloggers who criticized government

    Two Chinese bloggers separately detained for writing online about government corruption have had their charges dropped by police in recent weeks.

  • Google criticizes Italian Internet legislation

    A Google spokesman Friday warned that a proposed new law that would force Italian Internet providers to block access to Web sites that incite or justify criminal behavior could threaten freedom of expression and prove unworkable in practice.