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  • The Exchange Server settings you must get right

    Ensure a solid foundation for your on-premises Exchange Server installation with these essential setup tips

  • Attackers target OWA for domain credentials

    Why spend time targeting Active Directory for domain credentials when Outlook Web Application is just as good -- and far easier to compromise?

  • Manage iPhones with Exchange

    When iPhones first started trickling into my office, I was a little apprehensive. At the time they only supported IMAP and POP3 for e-mail, which can be tricky to support in an Exchange environment. Two generations later, the iPhone has become a robust enterprise-grade mobile device.

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  • Dell PowerEdge R730xd 12500 mailbox resiliency Microsoft Exchange 2013 storage solution

    This technical whitepaper discusses Dell's solution for 12,500 Exchange mailboxes with 5GB mailbox size supporting up to 150 messages per day in a three-copy DAG. The solution uses the internal storage of the Dell PowerEdge R730xd server along with the attached storage of the Dell Storage MD1400 server for storing the Exchange mailbox databases and transaction logs.