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  • Smartphones, tablets & eBay taking down SkyMall

    SkyMall, the quirky airline catalog, looks as though it may be grounded before long. Parent company Xhibit has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and seeks to sell its assets.

  • eBay, cutting 7 per cent of workforce, looks to spin-off Enterprise unit

    eBay will cut roughly 7 per cent of its total workforce, or 2400 workers, and is considering a sale or IPO of its Enterprise unit.

  • Amazon.com tells customers, 'Make an offer'

    Amazon.com is going after online auction giant eBay just in time for the big holiday shopping season.

  • A fresh look at communications regulation

    The last time that Congress enacted major telecommunications regulation reform, in 1996, the state of technology was very different than it is today: Fewer than 15% of Americans had a mobile phone, under one-third of U.S. households were online, and virtually all of those that were online had only slow, dial-up connections. Amazon.com and eBay were small startups (both were launched in 1995), and Mark Zuckerberg was still living at home with his parents, preparing for his bar mitzvah.

  • UK teen relieved after light sentence on hacking charges

    A 19-year-old U.K. man said he was relieved after receiving probation for pleading guilty to four hacking-related charges in connection with a large distributed denial-of-service attack on the Metropolitan Police Service's website.

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  • In online sales tax debate, $1M business is 'mom and pop'

    As Congress considers a law requiring online retailers to collect sales taxes nationally, debate is heating up over the revenue threshold for triggering collections.

  • 10 geeky things you may have missed

    With the past week being dominated by CES announcements, it can be pretty hard to keep up with what was happening outside of Vegas. Worry not! GeekTech brings you the condensed guide of what else has been going on in the world of geek.

  • Google's leading, but where do other Web giants stand on IPv6?

    The most popular Web sites are under increasing pressure to add support for IPv6, a long-anticipated upgrade to IPv4, the Internet's main communications protocol.

  • EBay defends online ticket resales

    EBay has defended its policies on the reselling of event tickets on its site following the mass posting of AC/DC tickets on its site just hours after the tickets went on sale, and promptly sold out, yesterday.

  • Minding Online Store a Case of 'Not My Job'

    Last month, a federal judge ruled that eBay had fulfilled its obligations to investigate and control users who were trying to use its Web site to sell counterfeit Tiffany goods -- a decision that put the onus on Tiffany to monitor eBay's site itself.