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News about DLP
  • IT security vendor Verdasys brings DLP to the cloud

    Security vendor Verdasys says it's ready to bring data loss prevention (DLP) to the cloud.

  • Why risk management can succeed in IT

    Earlier this week Richard Stiennon published an article that questions the value of risk management in IT, and I would argue that, although risk management presents challenges to IT, best practice-driven approaches leveraging aspects of risk management are essential to good security.

  • Sophos adds DLP to desktop anti-malware

    Sophos has added data-loss prevention capabilities to its desktop anti-malware software, the security firm says, promising gateway-based DLP in the future as well.

  • The dark side of DLP

    There is no doubt that technology makes us more effective, engaged and productive workers. Technology also allows for flexibility in how, when, and where people work.

  • Gartner: Don't let suppliers set your DLP strategy

    Businesses should plan a thorough data loss prevention strategy before talking to suppliers, Gartner has advised.