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  • 3 keys to getting started with devops

    Devops could be the latest and greatest buzzword, but it could also mean big and important changes - for the better- at many organizations in how applications are built and deployed.

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    How to cope after your CIO Googles DevOps

    So your CIO thinks that cloud, BYOD and big data are all passé and now has declared The Next Big Thing in the IT department will be DevOps — and hey, even worse, he or she used the Google and has seen that Big Vendor X and Big Vendor Y offer 'DevOps-ready products' so all that it's going to take is picking up a bunch of overpriced automation tools.

  • Bank finds stability in Linux, innovation in Agile

    Linux, 'dual live' data centres and a collaborative relationship between development and IT operations have all helped play a role delivering infrastructure stability while driving rapid ongoing growth at Tyro Payments, according to Sascha Hess, the vice-president for operations at the acquiring bank.

  • DevOps and definitions

    The four years since Patrick Debois organised the first DevOpsDays event in Ghent, Belgium, have been a "roller coaster ride" according to the IT consultant considered the movement's father.

  • Business demand driving DevOps growth: survey

    The DevOps movement is growing in Australia according to a new survey, with IT departments feeling management pressure to release applications more quickly in order to meet customer demand.

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