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News about data retention
  • Government backs down from data retention – for now

    The federal government has backed down from data retention proposals following a parliamentary report examining telecommunications interception in Australia.

  • Data retention needs oversight: Inquiry

    A parliamentary inquiry has recommended that any data retention laws should include provisions to protect privacy and provide oversight.

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    Australia suspected to have PRISM data: Ludlam

    Greens senator Scott Ludlam believes the US National Security Agency (NSA) has handed information it has collected from its PRISM system to the Australian government.

  • Privacy needs to be balanced with security: privacy commissioner

    Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has defended the public’s right to privacy, but warned that privacy was not “absolute” following revelations about a US surveillance program called PRISM.

  • Turnbull seeks clarity on PRISM

    Shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has said the public needs clarity on the scope of programs such as PRISM – an initiative by the US National Security Agency that allegedly sources data from a number of major tech firms including Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

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