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    Data retention: iiNet pushes targeted alternative to mass surveillance

    Targeted "preservation notices" issued under the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act together with stored communications warrants offer an alternative to the mass surveillance dragnet implied by a mandatory data retention scheme, according to Internet service provider iiNet.

  • Data retention: Privacy commissioner issues warning on security

    A data retention scheme by its very nature would require the collection of large amounts of data, potentially increasing the risk of security breaches that could reveal the personal information of large numbers of Australians, the privacy commissioner has warned.

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    Metadata retention no cause for alarm say ASIO, AFP

    There's no need for the public and the press to get themselves overly excited about the government's proposal to introduce data retention legislation, according to ASIO's chief, director general David Irvine, and Australian Federal Police deputy commissioner Andrew Colvin.

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    Data retention: Turnbull says government only wants your IP address

    Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull says that proposed data retention laws would require Internet service providers to retain records of the IP address used by customers of their service — not the IP addresses of websites visited by customers.

  • Govt meets with Telstra on data retention

    Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Attorney-General George Brandis have met Telstra representatives to discuss the government's controversial data retention policy.