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    Data retention: Industry reiterates warning on costs

    "You're going to the shops to get a litre of milk anyway, so it's no big deal to bring me the whole supermarket" — that's how iiNet's chief regulatory officer, Steve Dalby, today described government suggestions a mandatory data retention scheme would not impose significant burdens on telecommunications carriers.

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    Data retention: iiNet raises spectre of ‘surveillance tax’ for ISP customers

    Internet service provider iiNet has hit out at confirmation that the government is actively considering a mandatory data retention scheme under which ISPs and telcos may be forced to keep records on their customers’ online activities.

  • Data retention 'under active consideration': Brandis

    Attorney-General George Brandis has confirmed that the government is still mulling introducing mandatory data retention for telcos, but it will not be included in the first tranche of national security-related legislation being introduced in parliament today.

  • What the police can get from mobile phone tower data

    Metadata is in the news again with revelations that police in Australia. have been getting access to data collected from mobile base stations (cell towers).

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    Should Australians prepare for rubber-hose cryptanalysis?

    So Australians probably don't need to worry about getting their kneecaps broken if they don't hand over their private encryption keys just yet, but the Australian Crime Commission wants changes to the law in order to make it easier for law enforcement to decrypt secret communications.