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  • Microsoft CRM offering added to certified cloud list

    Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online offering is being added to the Australian Signal Directorate’s Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL), the software vendor’s Australian CTO has revealed.

  • Will cloud killed on-premise CRM? SugarCRM doesn't think so

    Despite the growth of customer relationship management software-as-a-service, SugarCRM says on-premise deployment of CRM shows no sign of dying.

  • Microsoft hosts Office 365 in Australia

    Microsoft today announced that it had switched on on-shore hosting for Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online in Australia.

  • Salesforce connects SharePoint files to its cloud with new tool

    <a href="">Salesforce</a>, the not-so-little cloud CRM company that could, is furthering its play to bring everybody everywhere into the fold with the launch of Salesforce Files Connect, a new tool that brings files from on-premises Microsoft SharePoint into a company's  cloud workflow. 

  • Salesforce Lightning Connect marries old apps to new

    Salesforce has a solid lock on the SMB space, and more forward-looking large organizations have moved to its cloud CRM, marketing and sales solutions, <a href="">apparently to great success</a>. But for every Virgin America or Burberry, there are many, many more older companies out there with siloed-off, older systems; they couldn't get their data into the Salesforce cloud even if they wanted to. 

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  • How to get more out of your CRM

    Customer relationship manager solutions are powerful tools if you know how to use them correctly. Below are some tips and tricks for getting more out of your CRM.

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  • Mission Australia rolls out Salesforce CRM

    Mission Australia has rolled out 1,155 licences of Salesforce’s CRM Enterprise edition aimed at boosting the efficiency of its employment services unit.

  • Westpac Outlines St George IT Integration Strategy

    Westpac is to derive much of its future IT innovation and costs savings from a cross pollination of best-of-breed IT systems between itself and St George, which was acquired by the bank last year.

  • Six ways to get your employees to use CRM software

    A guaranteed way to increase your company's sales is to have a system in place to manage your sales activities. Having a custom relationship management (CRM) system that is easy and gets used by the sales team is a great step towards that goal.

  • CRM On The Cheap: 5 Strategies That Backfire

    Your company knows that it wants a serious CRM system. But the CFO, nervous about the costs, starts to suggest strategies that could keep things under control.

  • What to do if your cloud provider disappears

    Software developer Christopher Shockey saw the first signs of trouble in late 2008. A sales rep who had always represented Web application development provider Coghead was now calling on behalf of Coghead's much larger rival

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