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  • Data warehouse-as-a-service startup Snowflake comes out of stealth

    Stealth startup Snowflake is clandestine no longer, throwing off the wraps Tuesday morning with the announcement of a $26 million series B funding round and the rollout of a flagship product, which it's calling the "elastic data warehouse."

  • Why datacentres can be massive, but not gigantic

    The IT industry has long abused words, and will label almost any new product as innovative and disruptive. Data center developers, especially those who write the headlines about data centers, are particularly bad.

  • Computer lighting startup Antumbra delivers "surround sound for your eyes"

    A startup called Antumbra run by 5 college students is looking to throw a little soothing light on this situation: People who hunker down in front of their computers until the wee hours, until it feels like their eyes might fall out.

  • Nadella wins over Gartner crowd

    ORLANDO -- Striding onstage with an air of confidence and purpose, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella scored high marks on both the style and substance of his keynote appearance today at the Garner ITExpo at the Walt Disney World Dolphin.

  • Redfish spec wiggles servers free from vendor lock-in

    A coalition of equipment providers have joined to develop a new specification for controlling servers over the network, promising to eliminate data center vendor lock-in.

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