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  • Computex 2013 attendance flat over 2012

    The number of people who visited Taiwan's Computex exhibition this year appears to have failed to meet the expectations of organizers and was largely unchanged from last year.

  • A look back at the sights of this year's Computex

    Products from Acer and Asus got all the headlines at this year's Computex but there was much more at the show than you probably got to hear about. Here's a slideshow of some of the other sights in Taipei, both on and off the show floor, to give you a sense of what it was like to be there

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    Android infiltrates Computex via tablets, PCs, set-top boxes

    New Windows PCs have always been the main attraction at Computex, the annual trade show in Taipei. But notable on the show floor this year is the growing presence of Google's Android OS, which is creeping into more and more tablets, televisions, set-top boxes and even PCs.

  • Intel exec says Silvermont trumps ARM in power, performance

    A top Intel executive said the power and performance battle with ARM is over, because Intel's upcoming chips based on its Silvermont architecture are ahead on key metrics required to deliver strong performance and battery life on smartphones and tablets.

  • Dashcams going high-def, high-tech

    The next time a bear hits a car on a Russian highway, the video might be in high definition.

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