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  • Five new things we know about Skylake

    With the upcoming release of Intel's Skylake chips, there's a lot to look forward to, including faster computers, fewer ports and wireless charging. At Computex in Taipei Intel shed more light on the new chip technology, a much hyped successor to Intel's family of Broadwell family of chips. Here are five things we learned:

  • As PC interest wanes, Computex loses its luster

    Taiwan held its 35th annual Computex trade show this week, and the event hasn't aged well. There was little news to get excited about, the crowds were thinner, and there were no products on the show floor that generated the buzz seen in years past.

  • The seven coolest PC cases at Computex 2015

    Desktop PCs may be yesterday's technology, but that doesn't mean they can't be slicker than the latest smartphones.

  • Acer says Predator 8 gaming tablet primed for September launch

    Acer couldn't keep the mystery around the launch of its highly-anticipated Acer Predator 8-inch gaming tablet bottled up for too long.

  • With a touch, this NFC ring can share your profile or health info

    If you've passed out from a health condition, you'll be pleased if you're wearing an NFC ring that can help first responders link to critical medical information -- simply by touching it to a smartphone.

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