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  • Telco industry group warns against expanding website blocking

    Communications Alliance, a group representing Australian telecommunications and Internet service provider businesses, has warned against expanding the scope of a law employed by government agencies to block public access to websites.

  • Realising the IoT’s value

    The potential economic​ impact of the Internet of Things in Australia is $116 billion by 2025, but without a focus on IoT technology in industry and among government the country risks losing the opportunity for competitive advantage and market leadership, according to a new report.

  • ​Data Retention Act requirements unclear to ISPs: Communications Alliance survey

    Some telco service providers do not understand what data they are required to retain under the Data Retention Act, which has come into effect today, a Communications Alliance survey has found.

  • Comms Alliance not sold on ACCC broadband monitoring

    An Australian broadband performance monitoring regime should be subject to a "rigorous" cost-benefit analysis before implementation, according to telco industry body Communications Alliance.

  • Should the copyright notice scheme to be scrapped?

    Electronic Frontiers Australia and Choice have called for the copyright notice scheme to be dumped. The scheme, which will take the form of an enforceable code for ISPs, was due to take effect at the start of this month.

  • Most Australians aren't die-hard pirates

    Just over a quarter of Australian Internet users aged 12+ engaged in some form of online copyright violation in the first three months of 2015, according to new government-sponsored research into the prevalence of online piracy.

  • Telco bill shock still not dead, survey finds

    A third of Australians received a telco bill in the past six months that was higher than expected according to the latest Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Government moves to tackle potential FTTB problems

    The government has moved to allow the telecommunications industry to regulate interference issues potentially caused by the deployment of so-called 'next-generation' broadband technologies that rely on copper twisted pair cables.

  • ISPs need more time for data retention compliance: Comms Alliance

    Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton has called on the federal government to extend the deadline for ISPs to develop data retention implementation plans.

  • Data retention: Government yet to reveal details of funding arrangements

    The Attorney-General's Department has warned Internet service providers they must start preparing to meet their new obligations under the data retention regime, but the government is yet to spell out some important details of how the policy will operate.

  • Senate report on website-blocking bill pushed back

    The parliamentary inquiry into the government's online copyright enforcement bill, which will under certain circumstances compel ISPs to block access to pirate websites, has pushed back its reporting date.

  • ISPs, rights holders continue negotiations over anti-piracy code costs

    Although an industry code that will create a new anti-piracy warning notice scheme has been submitted to the Australian Communications and Media Authority by ISPs, registration of the code, which will allow the ACMA to enforce it, remains stalled.

  • Telco org calls for better cyber security co-ordination by government

    The Communications Alliance has welcomed the federal government's Cyber Security Review, saying that historic developments have left Australia with a large number of government departments and agencies with overlapping cyber security responsibilities.

  • Government urged to consult on anti-piracy scheme

    The Internet Society of Australia and industry group Communications Alliance have urged caution on the government's new anti-piracy scheme. Under the government's plan, ISPs can be compelled to block websites associated with copyright infringement.

  • Comms Alliance forms IoT think tank

    An Internet of Things think tank created by Communications Alliance will look for ways to create an ecosystem in Australia that promotes IoT and a digital world.