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  • Comms Alliance not sold on ACCC broadband monitoring

    An Australian broadband performance monitoring regime should be subject to a "rigorous" cost-benefit analysis before implementation, according to telco industry body Communications Alliance.

  • Should the copyright notice scheme to be scrapped?

    Electronic Frontiers Australia and Choice have called for the copyright notice scheme to be dumped. The scheme, which will take the form of an enforceable code for ISPs, was due to take effect at the start of this month.

  • Most Australians aren't die-hard pirates

    Just over a quarter of Australian Internet users aged 12+ engaged in some form of online copyright violation in the first three months of 2015, according to new government-sponsored research into the prevalence of online piracy.

  • Telco bill shock still not dead, survey finds

    A third of Australians received a telco bill in the past six months that was higher than expected according to the latest Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Government moves to tackle potential FTTB problems

    The government has moved to allow the telecommunications industry to regulate interference issues potentially caused by the deployment of so-called 'next-generation' broadband technologies that rely on copper twisted pair cables.