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  • Telco industry group warns against expanding website blocking

    Communications Alliance, a group representing Australian telecommunications and Internet service provider businesses, has warned against expanding the scope of a law employed by government agencies to block public access to websites.

  • Realising the IoT’s value

    The potential economic​ impact of the Internet of Things in Australia is $116 billion by 2025, but without a focus on IoT technology in industry and among government the country risks losing the opportunity for competitive advantage and market leadership, according to a new report.

  • ​Data Retention Act requirements unclear to ISPs: Communications Alliance survey

    Some telco service providers do not understand what data they are required to retain under the Data Retention Act, which has come into effect today, a Communications Alliance survey has found.

  • Comms Alliance not sold on ACCC broadband monitoring

    An Australian broadband performance monitoring regime should be subject to a "rigorous" cost-benefit analysis before implementation, according to telco industry body Communications Alliance.

  • Should the copyright notice scheme to be scrapped?

    Electronic Frontiers Australia and Choice have called for the copyright notice scheme to be dumped. The scheme, which will take the form of an enforceable code for ISPs, was due to take effect at the start of this month.