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  • Australian schools go cashless

    Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has rolled out mobile payment technology at 17 Australian schools, in a program it claimed is a world first.

  • Commonwealth Bank survey predicts triumph of mobile wallets

    Physical wallets and paying with cash or credit and debit cards will be (mostly) a thing of the past in less than a decade if the results of a survey sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank are to be believed.

  • CommBank unveils enhanced mobile app

    Not to be outdone by one of its fiercest competitors, Commonwealth Bank (CBA) today unveiled an enhanced app using near-field communication (NFC) technology that allows users to bank and pay for products and services with their mobile phone.

  • Coles, CommBank hoping payment smart tags will stick

    Stickers for contactless payments got a major boost today as Coles and Commonwealth Bank separately announced small payment tags designed to attach to a user’s smartphone.

  • Utility computing can ease big data pain

    Adopting cloud or utility computing models can ease the pain for organisations analysing large amounts unstructured and structured data to gain insights that improve their competitiveness.

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