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  • New initiative aims to certify open clouds

    After forming in 2009 and stalling a couple of times since, the Open Cloud Initiative formally launched on Tuesday in an effort to encourage the adoption of open cloud principles.

  • US govt can help encourage cloud adoption

    The U.S. government can help grow the nation's cloud computing market by assisting private companies in the development of cloud security standards and by encouraging cloud providers to allow data portability among them, a new tech industry report recommended.

  • Dell debuts Cloud-ready system

    Using OpenStack cloud software, Dell has created a package of hardware, software and services that organizations can use to deploy their own IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) operations.

  • The 5 biggest IT security mistakes

    Like cleaning the windows, IT security can be a thankless task because they only notice when you don't do it. But to get the job done in the era of virtualization, smartphones and cloud computing, you've got to avoid technical and political mistakes. In particular, here are five security mistakes to avoid:

  • Cloud on call: Should you go with a telco for Cloud? (Part 2)

    If telcos can jump the cultural hurdle and truly get to grips with Cloud computing, Macquarie Telecom's Aidan Tudehope says the advantage lies in already having an understanding of the processes and procedures and scaling methodologies that come hand in hand with Cloud.

  • Cloud on call: Should you go with a telco for Cloud?

    With vendors, data centre providers and services outfits making a mint in the swirling Cloud market it was always a question of time until telecommunications companies would jump on the bandwagon.

  • Government Cloud: Fad or lofty ideal? (Part 2)

    A need for data delineation comes out of a well-established drought of local facilities from the global Cloud players, one many CIOs, both public and private, believe is preventing them from adopting an ‘all-in’ mentality to Cloud.

  • Gaining Postini features is a boost for Google Apps

    Google Apps will become a more secure and easier-to-manage collaboration and communication suite now that Google has started integrating e-mail security features into it from its Postini suite.

  • Acer to buy U.S. cloud technology provider iGware

    Acer said Thursday it plans to acquire iGware, a cloud technology company in the U.S., for US$320 million, as part of a plan to allow users to more easily share content across the PC maker's products.

  • CIO Summit: Coming to grips with the future of Cloud computing

    The challenges faced by the chief information officer of 2015 will include changes to outsourcing, a winnowing of the number of Cloud vendors and increasingly converged IT, according to IDC's Chris Morris.

  • How green is the Cloud?

    There’s an argument doing the rounds that says the best way to describe the Cloud’s Green benefits is to compare it to commuters abandoning their cars in favour of public transport. The more commuters abandon their cars, the greater the carbon reduction benefits.

  • Government Cloud: Fad or lofty ideal?

    Enter any Cloud conference, training session or seminar and you’re immediately faced with all the hallmarks of a cult. Vendor employees are no longer engineers or sales people — they are ‘evangelists’ sent to spread the good message of Cloud; their Cloud, to be precise. When presentations aren’t peppered with marketing jargon about their ‘game changing’ services, they’re often littered with judgment Clouding puns.

  • IBM to unveil new version of high-end XIV storage system

    On Wednesday, IBM is expected to announce the third generation of its high-end, grid-based XIV Storage System, which offers improved performance for virtualized server environments, analytics and cloud computing.

  • The cost advantage controversy of Cloud computing

    One of the topics most associated with cloud computing is its cost advantages, or lack thereof. One way the topic gets discussed is "capex vs. opex," a simple formulation, but one fraught with meaning.

  • Managing your cloud's performance: Best practices

    Once you move your core IT systems into private or public cloud networks, your work isn't over. Now you have a different set of technology issues to deal with: managing the cloud to ensure that your investments pay off for your enterprise and deliver the efficiencies and ROI that you're expecting.