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  • NetApp, Iron Mountain team up on medical archive service

    Iron Mountain <a href="">today announced</a> a secure cloud-based archive service for medical data based on NetApp's grid-architecture, object-based, storage software.

  • Mohawk Fine Papers builds integration-in-the-cloud

    Just two weeks after Mohawk Fine Papers made the decision to sell its products on, integration work was complete, connections to its ERP system lit up and sales started rolling in. "Amazon generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue immediately," says <a href="">Paul Stamas</a>, vice president of IT at the $83 million, 725-employee manufacturer of premium papers.

  • Microsoft expected to trumpet Office 365 momentum on Tuesday

    Microsoft on Tuesday is expected to tout what it considers strong momentum in the adoption of its Office 365 cloud-hosted collaboration and communication suite, particularly among small companies that previously were unable to afford on-premise implementations of Exchange and SharePoint, according to people familiar with the announcement.

  • Making sure your Cloud provider can protect your data as promised

    At the end of my Cloud Expo West presentation last week, I was asked, "How can we verify that a Cloud provider actually has all of these infrastructure and security mechanisms in place?" It's a great question, one that deserves a fuller answer than I was able to give in the time available.

  • Cisco reorgs again, folds net management into new cloud group

    Even though it completed the bulk of a <a href="">major restructuring</a> earlier this year, <a href="">Cisco</a> continues to tweak its internal organizational structure.

  • 7 hot storage startups to watch

    As the sheer amount of content on the Web has continued to increase exponentially, so too have the <a href="">storage</a> needs of large enterprises.

  • InfoWorld's top 10 emerging enterprise technologies

    Everyone is a trend watcher. But at a certain point, to determine which trends will actually weave their way into the fabric of business computing, you need to first take a hard look at the technologies that gave life to the latest buzz phrases.

  • Engine Yard to experiment, add Node.js support

    Platform-as-a-service provider Engine Yard is adding support for Node.js as part of a new program at the company designed to help it quickly experiment with new features and services.

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