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  • Google, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon among new cloud-security registry members

    Google, Verizon, Intel, McAfee, <a href="">Microsoft</a> and Savvis are joining a <a href="">voluntary program set up by the Cloud Security Alliance</a> that provides public information about whether contributors comply with CSA-recommended cloud-security practices.

  • Physicians using tablets to treat patients

    Within the next year, almost half of all doctors will be using tablets and other mobile devices to perform everyday tasks, such as accessing patient information in electronic medical records (EMRs), according to the <a href="">survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association</a> (CompTIA), a nonprofit group.

  • Amazon cloud management tool gets integrated status monitoring

    The Amazon Web Services (AWS) management tool will from now on tell users about upcoming scheduled operational activities that will affect the availability of its cloud, the company <a href="">said in blog post on Thursday.</a>

  • OpenFlow not the only path to network revolution

    APIs and messaging protocols, including some that are standards, can let users build software-defined networks today. The key issue, though, is that not everyone implements the same ones or implements them the same way. Will OpenFlow get us all on the same path to SDN nirvana?

  • 6 ways to build SDNs without OpenFlow

    Although OpenFlow is stirring up all of the excitement around <a href="">software defined networking (SDN)</a>, you can program a network with standard tools that have been around a while. Here are a few examples.

  • IBM Tech Trends: Analytics, mobile apps are hot, hot, hot

    It's clear by the increasing use of analytics software that companies are struggling to get their hands around the huge amounts of data it takes to run a successful business. But developing social, mobile, cloud computing and other applications are also driving the need for new technical skills.

  • New Wi-Fi routers, cloud services simplify branch networks

    Aerohive Networks has unveiled a set of products and services for small, remote, or branch office <a href="">wireless</a> networking. The new "Branch on Demand" product line includes low-cost Wi-Fi routers, coupled with expanded cloud-based VPN termination and security services.

  • First look: Oracle NoSQL Database

    For the last few years, the world of NoSQL databases has been filled with exciting new projects, ambitious claims, and plenty of chest beating. The hypesters said the new NoSQL software packages offered tremendous performance gains by tossing away all of the structure and paranoid triple-checking that database creators had lovingly added over the years. Reliability? It's overrated, said the new programmers who didn't run serious business applications for Wall Street banks but trafficked in trivial, forgettable data about people's lives. Tabular structure? It's too hidebound and limiting. If we ignore these things, our databases will be free and insanely fast.

  • CSIRO to mesh Azure Cloud with HPC infrastructure

    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has announced plans to integrate Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud with its high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure.

  • Red Hat adds app lifecycle tools to PaaS preview

    Red Hat has outfitted its OpenShift hosted application platform with a set of application development lifecycle tools to simplify deployment on the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), the company announced Tuesday.

  • Cloud service Syncplicity adds file sharing for Android

    Cloud storage provider <a href="">Syncplicity today announced</a> it has enabled file-sharing capabilities on <a href="">Android</a> OS <a href="">smartphones</a> and tablets.

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