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  • Microsoft Office 365 goes live

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer launched the much-awaited Office 365 on Tuesday, after a beta program of about nine months, as the company responds -- some critics say belatedly -- to the rising popularity of cloud-based applications for collaboration and communication.

  • Home-grown Cloud storage service launched

    Sydney-based Cloud computing provider Ninefold has launched a storage service it claims is the first local equivalent of Amazon Web Services’ S3 offering and announced its inclusion into the jclouds multi-cloud library.

  • BPOS customers face transition to Office 365

    When Microsoft launches Office 365 on Tuesday, the countdown will officially begin for current BPOS customers to upgrade to the new suite.

  • Airlines increase IT spending to mobilise and socialise their business

    Half of the world's top airlines are spending more this year on IT and telecoms, according to the annual SITA/Airline Business Airline IT Trends Survey.

  • Risk to cloud adoption because IT departments 'short on time'

    Widespread adoption of cloud computing could be threatened because IT departments do not have the time to get it off the ground, according to a report.

  • Gartner: new security demands arising for virtualisation, cloud computing

    The rush toward virtualisation of internal enterprise computing resources and cloud computing can have many advantages, such as server consolidation, but it's largely outracing traditional security and identity management practices. That's leaving huge gaps, a sense of chaos and questions about where security products and services should be applied in the world of multi-vendor virtual-machine (VM) hypervisors.

  • What lessons should be learned from the Distribute.IT meltdown?

    As Distribute.IT's server compromise and subsequent acquisition by Netregistry Group this week has shown, companies who are the subject of a hack attack can be taken out of business permanently. The scale of the Distribute.IT disaster raises issues both for customers who use hosting providers to store sensitive business information and for the providers themselves.

  • Australian developers take advantage of Google's Cloud

    The Cloud has offered businesses of all types a chance to streamline IT and find new efficiencies, and now it has created a new channel for Australian developers to distribute their products. One Australian developer who has found this to be the case is Perth-based Anthony Smith, who has used Google's Apps Marketplace to distribute his hosted CRM solution, Insightly.

  • Microsoft: Cloud computing won't hurt us

    Cloud computing is widely perceived as a threat to Microsoft, because the maker of Windows and Microsoft Office earns the lion's share of its money selling licenses for packaged software.

  • Red Hat preps real-time messaging stack for the cloud

    Anticipating greater use in large-scale cloud deployments, Red Hat has updated its real-time messaging platform with support for new networking and operating system capabilities, the company announced Wednesday.

  • Spring Framework founder: Java needs cloud accommodations

    To maintain its prominence, Java must evolve to meet the needs of cloud computing, the author of the popular Spring Framework for Java said on Tuesday.

  • Cerf: Streaming network crunch could be eliminated

    While Internet carriers may fret about Netflix, Hulu and other streaming media services saturating their bandwidth, Internet forefather Vint Cerf has a simple answer for this potential problem: Increase bandwidth exponentially.

  • Microsoft's Cloud BPOS suite suffers outage again

    Microsoft's BPOS Cloud-hosted communication and collaboration suite suffered an outage on Wednesday, the latest in a string of technical problems in recent months.

  • Startup Bromium takes aim at cloud security

    Simon Crosby, the former CTO of Citrix Systems' data center and cloud business, has formed a startup called Bromium that will aim to solve security problems in a cloud environment.

  • integrates with Google Docs has integrated its cloud-hosted content management application with Google's Docs online office productivity suite.