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  • From Microsoft to Google Apps: Why we migrated

    When Michael O'Brien joined Journal Communications in May 2010 as its new CIO, he had a stacked agenda. Journal Communications, a media company with operations in publishing, radio and television broadcasting, understood the industry was changing and looked to O'Brien to spearhead the transformation.

  • Software error complicates Amazon's data center recovery

    Amazon Web Services' efforts to restore service following a power outage at its Dublin data center were complicated further on Monday by an error in the EBS (Elastic Block Storage) software, the company said.

  • Amazon Web Services reports outage in the U.S. late Monday

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud in North Virginia had connectivity issues late Monday, knocking off temporarily a number of websites and services that use Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing infrastructure.

  • Aussie business largely unaffected by Amazon EC2 outage

    Despite Amazon's Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) services in the US-EAST-1 Web services centre having experienced another outage, as well as issues with the Amazon Relational Database Service in Virginia, and left social networking sites such as FourSquare out of action, Australian businesses appear to be largely unaffected.

  • Cloud computing: 4 tips for regulatory compliance

    Cloud computing seems simple in concept, and indeed, simplicity of operation, deployment and licensing are its most appealing assets. But when it comes to questions of compliance, once you scratch the surface you'll find more questions than you asked in the first place, and more to think about than ever before.

  • 5 cool tools for Cloud management

    Cloud management tools are as varied as cloud uses. For this test, we chose five tools that each attack Cloud management from a different perspective.

  • Staying ahead of cloud complexity

    Managing cloud infrastructure and services is similar to traditional network management - only bigger, badder and more complex.

  • Lightning strike in Dublin downs Amazon, Microsoft clouds

    A lightening strike in Dublin on Sunday caused a power failure in data centers belonging to Amazon and Microsoft, causing the companies' cloud services to go offline.

  • ISACA issues Cloud computing guide to help enterprise increase value and manage risk

    For all the talk of Cloud computing, the governance issue remains, for many enterprises, the great unknown. Cloud computing inevitably impacts business processes, making governance vital to managing risk and adapting to take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Telco Cloud buying guide

    With vendors, data centre providers and services outfits making a mint in the swirling Cloud market it was always a question of time until telecommunications companies would jump on the bandwagon.

  • Creating a cloud SLA from diagnostic data

    As a CSO and CIO you may be wondering why I crafted a diagnostic related to understanding your most critical web products. The original purpose of the diagnostic was to discern which applications and how applications are ported successfully to a service provider's cloud. The diagnostic determines which cloud IaaS products (storage components, network components, and virtualization machines) are needed for an application. It addresses the platform components (server/operating system and web server) in the PaaS layer. Lastly, it focuses on the SaaS software application.

  • Fear of change impedes Cloud Adoption for companies

    It's not budgets, technology issues or strategic worries that are creating roadblocks for Cloud projects in many enterprises. Instead, deep-seated fears of change and requirements for more Cloud education are keeping many enterprises from moving forward.

  • Cloud security 101: Is data safer in the Cloud?

    Security, as any vendor will tell you, has proven to be one of the biggest inhibitors for people wanting to adopt public Cloud technology.

  • Cloud security 101: Vendor lock-in

    Vendors come and go and so do organisational requirements. So, what happens when you want to shift your data to another Cloud provider?

  • Amazon boosts identity management, private cloud offerings

    Amazon Web Services will introduce new capabilities for enterprises on Thursday, including identity federation and support for private network connections to AWS.