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  • Mobility surges on US campuses; cloud technology lags

    Colleges and universities have been aggressive in expanding campus mobility, but slower in shifting key systems to cloud computing, according to a new survey of IT in higher education.

  • Security remains a top concern for cloud app builders

    Security, cited as an issue with cloud computing when the concept began to take hold several years ago, remains a pivotal concern for developers, an IBM official stressed on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Ford connecting cars to cloud-based apps

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Imagine if, while driving, the cars further up the road could tell you there's a speed trap ahead, or that a restaurant that's highly recommended by a Facebook friend is nearby.

  • 'You have to be masochist to be an IT person': FedEx CIO

    ORLANDO -- "You have to be a masochist to want to be an IT person,'' says Robert Carter. And he would know. Carter is the soft-spoken, hard-driving CIO who has been fighting for the past 11 years to transform IT operations at FedEx, where "the planes don't fly and trucks don't roll without IT services.''

  • IBM clouding the midmarket

    Small and midsized organizations will deploy cloud services more readily than their larger counterparts, predicted the IBM general manager for midmarket sales at a company event Tuesday. As a result, IBM is aggressively pursuing this market, namely by helping partners market the company's PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) to these potential customers.

  • Gartner: 16 long-held IT business practices you need to kill

    ORLANDO -- With CIO budgets heading for their 11th consecutive year of growing at 3% or less, it's time to offer up some sacred caws for sacrifice.

  • Amazon Silk offers increased security on open Wi-Fi networks

    The cloud-based design of Amazon's Silk browser has positive security side effects because it encrypts all traffic between users and websites, especially important when connected over unprotected Wi-Fi networks where session hijacking attacks can occur easily, the company said.

  • Gartner: Private clouds are a last resort

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Enterprises should consider public cloud services first and turn to private clouds only if the public cloud fails to meet their needs.

  • NetSuite boosts global capabilities of its SaaS business software

    NetSuite on Wednesday announced a series of enhancements and offerings meant to make its on-demand ERP (enterprise resource planning) software more desirable to larger companies, particularly those with international operations.

  • Michael Dell sees HP confusion as a big opportunity

    SAN FRANCISCO -- As Hewlett-Packard waffles on whether it will continue to produce computers, the CEO of rival Dell Inc. said HP's customers are losing confidence and looking to other vendors.

  • Gartner: The future of IT? Get ready to blow stuff up

    ORLANDO -- If IT is to successfully move into the future it's going to need to blow up its current way of thinking and the way it supports mature technologies.

  • ICANN takes charge of Internet time zone master list

    After a lawsuit spurred a cadre of volunteers to cede management duties of Internet Time Zone Database, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has assumed control of the master list, which is used to coordinate time across different systems on the Internet.

  • EMC, VCE announce tighter Vblock integration

    EMC and the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) alliance Monday announced that EMC's management tools have been upgraded to more tightly integrate with VMware's vCloud director and vCenter Server tools.

  • Microsoft Intune update addresses remote users

    Seeking more medium-sized enterprises as customers, Microsoft has expanded the number of capabilities of its Intune PC subscription management service to address issues of remote management.

  • Enterasys looks to take on Cisco, HP in fabrics

    Enterasys Networks this week unveiled a switching fabric designed to unify the data center, campus and wired and wireless enterprise edge.