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  • Accenture launches private-cloud service for SAP customers

    SAP customers seeking to move from traditional deployments to a private cloud architecture have a new option from Accenture, the companies announced Wednesday during the Sapphire conference in Madrid.

  • SAP pumps up its in-memory, mobile and cloud strategies

    SAP is expected to make a slew of announcements related to in-memory computing, mobile applications and cloud-based services on Wednesday during the Sapphire conference in Madrid.

  • New Relic now monitors server performance

    New Relic is adding server monitoring to its Web application performance service, it announced Tuesday.

  • Accel buys into Big Data hype with $100 million venture fund

    Accel Partners launched a $100 million Big Data Fund at the sold-out Hadoop World conference in New York in an effort to help start-ups exploit new data types expected to dominate computing and networks for years to come.

  • RackConnect gets security, automation features

    Rackspace is making some updates to RackConnect, an offering designed to let businesses securely connect and run applications across private and public cloud services.

  • Software AG updates cloud road map

    Software AG's WebMethods middleware and ARIS process modeling tools are now certified for deployment on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud and VMware, the company announced Tuesday as part of an update on its overall cloud strategy.

  • launches Do project management app's reach is about to get wider both in terms of functionality and target audience with the arrival of Do, a project management application announced in public beta on Tuesday.

  • Virtual Machine cloud replication and restoration to boom

    By 2014, almost one in three midsize businesses will be using a recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) with the ability to backup and restore virtual machines (VMs), according to Gartner.

  • Rackspace to offer support for clouds in other data centers

    Rackspace for the first time plans to extend its support services to OpenStack cloud implementations that reside within the walls of an enterprise or third-party commercial data centers, the company announced Monday.

  • US cyber chief says cloud computing can manage serious cyber threats

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The <a href="">security</a> of <a href="">cloud computing</a> is often debated but such debates seem to be over for the general tasked with running the United States military's cyber command, who sees the technology not only as way to rein in IT costs but a way to more easily protect IT assets.

  • 10 questions for Fonality CFO Dan Rosenthal

    Name: Dan Rosenthal

  • Top user companies accelerating cloud adoption, says user group

    The Wild West era of <a href="">cloud computing</a> is ending. So says cloud computing's new sheriff, a user group called the <a href="">Open Data Center Alliance</a> .

  • Oracle's best-of-breed strategy, as described by president Mark Hurd

    It used to be easy journalistic shorthand to write 'database-giant Oracle Corp.', but that labeling no longer fits a company that's now a key player in applications, appliances, servers, development tools, operating systems and, yes, even cloud computing. How do all these components gel into a coherent plan for IT customers? What makes Oracle better than the other big integrated systems players like HP and IBM? In this latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Oracle President Mark Hurd spoke with IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant about Oracle's strategy and why the company is uniquely positioned to help IT leaders deal with the difficult challenges they're facing today. Hurd also clarified Oracle's stance on cloud -- a position clouded -- sorry -- by some earlier comments from CEO Larry Ellison -- and what makes Oracle's approach better than 'very old' cloud solutions like He explained more about customer migrations to Oracle's new Fusion applications and discussed how Oracle plans to win in the evolving server market.

  • Simon Crosby, the godfather of Xen, on virtualization, security and wimpy private clouds

    <a href="">Bromium</a> is a well funded startup that promises to tap some little-used inherent strengths of <a href="">Xen</a> <a href="">virtualization</a> to secure public clouds, opening up the possibility of greater cost savings for businesses that will be able to trust more data to these services.

  • Private cloud vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud

    There's no denying it: practically every business is moving to the cloud or at least thinking about it. But with a number of options available to them, many are still experimenting with which works best.