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  • How Medibank embraced cloud, overcame shadow IT

    Medibank is allowing staff outside of the IT department to sign up to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to reduce website hosting costs, while at the same time including IT security in the process, according to Medibank enterprise security manager Mark Burns.

  • Veda extends outsourcing contract with IBM

    Credit information and analysis provider Veda has extended its outsourcing agreement with IBM, inking a new five-year multimillion dollar contract that adds cloud services.

  • Telstra extends cloud services to the US

    Telstra on Wednesday announced it is now offering cloud services to customers in the United States, adding to services already available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

  • Telecom to acquire NZ cloud services provider Appserv

    Telecom has entered into an agreement to purchase all shares of Auckland-based cloud services provider Appserv.

  • Tough questions to put to cloud providers

    Cloud vendors may have a slick sales pitch, but it won't always match what's in their contracts — so it’s up to you to ask the hard questions. Here are some tough questions to ask cloud providers.

Whitepapers about cloud services

  • 2013 Trends to Watch: Cloud Services

    Cloud is now largely viewed by enterprise customers as a viable, sometimes necessary path to outsourcing and service delivery and is a strategic, mobile, and integrated platform which reduces short term IT costs and ensures long term savings. This document focuses on the trends that are driving decision-making on cloud including the growing connection between cloud, mobility, and data; cloud services governance and integration; and continuing development of cloud ecosystems among vendors. Learn how and why companies are deploying cloud services while managing security and compliance, and read how vendors are striving to become more innovative to meet new client needs.

  • 50 Questions When Considering The Cloud