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  • New era of IT requires new kind of leader

    Managers must become leaders to thrive in a new world of IT service delivery, according to Charles Araujo, founder and CEO of the IT Transformation Institute.

  • In pictures: CIO Networking Evening

    All the action from an evening of fun with celebrity ad man Todd Sampson at the Art Gallery of NSW, courtesy of CIO and HP.

  • Don't put innovation on hold: IDC

    CIOs say innovation is a top business priority this year, but acting on their plans will be crucial as they face increasing pressure to innovate while keeping day-to-day IT operations running smoothly, according to researcher, IDC.

  • How IT can become a driver of business growth

    IT departments don't live up to business-driving potential.

  • CFOs starting to see the business benefits of IT: Gartner

    The view of IT as ‘just another expense’ that seems to be widely held among chief financial officers is changing, according to Gartner. The research firm found that CFOs are now starting to understand that IT can help the wider business and are investing in technology.

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  • CIO says communication is key to buy-in

    To ensure harmony between IT and business management, Jeff Kubacki recommends communication, communication, and more communication.

  • Hiring Managers: Personal Networks Hold Hiring Power

    We've all been told, "Networking is critical," so often that by now it's about as interesting as, "You should floss daily." But the truth of the matter is that CIOs in the know do regularly turn to their personal networks to source effective talent. And paying regular attention to your network does, in fact, pay off.

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    CIOs fear mass IT exodus following economic recovery

    IT professionals asked to do more work for less pay and fewer benefits might be able to forgive their employers' financial choices, but industry watchers say high-tech workers won't soon forget being treated poorly during the most recent economic recession and will look to find other employment opportunities as soon as the recovery gets under way.

  • CIOs highlight BI, virtualisation and cloud computing as key to competitiveness

    An IBM survey of 2500 international and 129 local CIOs suggests business intelligence and centralisation of IT systems through virtualisation and cloud computing will be crucial to remaining competitive in the coming months.

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