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  • How to recognise the cyber insider threat

    Losing business to a competitor because one of your trusted employees has walked out the door with sensitive information doesn’t need to happen if you look for the signs and put controls in place, according to a panel of cyber security experts.

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    Windows XP usage a concern for CERT Australia

    Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Australia is urging companies that haven’t migrated off the Windows XP operating system (OS) to start doing so because they are at increased risk of network vulnerability.

  • Security incidents going unreported: CERT Australia

    Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Australia has called for more Australian organisations to report cyber security issues to the police following the results of its annual survey.

  • AusCert 2010: Hanmore back to CERT

    After less than a year at Microsoft, security officer Karl Hanmore has left the Redmond giant to return to work for Australia's national cyber security team.

  • Federal Government builds secret database to fight cyber-terrorism

    Australia's biggest banks, telcos, and utilities have handed sensitive data to government for the protection of critical infrastructure (CI) against terrorism and natural disasters.