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  • AGL nabs CBA exec for CIO role

    AGL has recruited the acting chief information officer for the Commonwealth Bank's retail division, Simon Moorfield, to be the energy company's new CIO.

  • IT job gains: Not as bright as they appear

    The IT job market for the first half of 2015 is a touch softer than it originally seemed, soft enough that IT job growth is not only flat, but shrinking slightly.

  • The real dirt on programming certifications

    With programmers and developers in such high demand these days, it may be tempting to think that a decision as stodgy as pursuing a certification is a waste of time. After all, doesn't it all come down to the art of your code?

  • IT job postings increase during July

    The number of Australian IT employment opportunities posted on job boards increased by 7 per cent to 29,093 in July this year following a drop in the first half of 2015 according to tech career marketplace Gooroo.

  • NBN to invest $40m to boost construction workforce

    NBN will spend more close to $40 million on training and awareness campaigns to boost the National Broadband Network construction workforce, the company announced this morning.

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