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  • In Pictures: Top tech hoarders - 15 companies with huge cash piles

    Apple, Microsoft, Google and Cisco are flush with cash, and so are many other tech companies

  • CA upgrades workload automation software

    CA Technologies has released the latest update to its Workload Automation software (WLA) featuring more powerful analytics tools, a streamlined user interface and expanded functionality for managing business processes throughout the enterprise.

  • Post-merger Vodafone, 3 unify project management

    With 5000 staff, 600 stores, 7.5 million customers and $4.4 billion in revenue, the merged Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) has consolidated its project management office around one core application which it is now integrating with other business systems.

  • 2011: Year of the tablet PC

    If the emergence of iPads, like a plague upon the land, through the latter half of 2010 wasn’t warning enough, the slew of devices released at the CES expo in Las Vegas should leave you with no doubt that 2011 will be the year of the tablet PC.

  • So you think you know virtualisation?

    So you've heard about or already deployed virtualisation and don't really need any more info? Yeah, right.

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  • Virtual machine management (VMM)

    Australia may be one of the most mature markets when it comes to the adoption of server virtualizaton, many organisations’ approach to managing virtual server machines, or VMs, could be described as ‘immature’, Tim Lohman, finds.

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