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  • BlackBerry: Create MMS Audio, Video, Slide Shows

    You've probably used your BlackBerry smartphone to send countless text, or short message service (SMS), messages. Perhaps you even employ your device's multimedia messaging service (MMS) functionality to distribute image- and video-messages to friends and colleagues and/or groups of both.

  • 14 Great Things iPhones and BlackBerrys Can Do

    Smartphones are intelligent, but with the 14 tips and tricks in this story, they could approach genius territory. We'll show you how to run seven separate devices from your iPhone, how to play Internet radio (mostly for free) on your BlackBerry, how to make free phone calls from an iPod Touch, and how to revive a dead cell phone battery (if it's detachable) while you're in winter weather.

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  • Breaking Blackberry: 10 Steps to mobile recovery and continuity

    It is now imperative to develop and implement a plan to remove BlackBerry devices from the mobility management toolbox. Even if BlackBerry does survive, your newly created program will be more nimble and able to handle future market shifts. This whitepaper includes: • Straight-forward steps to guide you through creating a future-proof BYOD/COPE program • The goals your policy should cover, and how they interact with changes in technology • Three templates for you to apply to your own BYOD plan and policy