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  • NEXTDC hooks customers up to Azure cloud

    NEXTDC (ASX: NXT) customers will be able to connect to Microsoft's Azure cloud from NEXTDC data centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth during the second quarter of 2015.

  • Microsoft unveils Azure Australia cloud services

    Microsoft has announced that its Azure cloud services are now available from two data centres in Australia.

  • Cisco, Microsoft chasing clouds

    Cisco has expanded its data center arrangement with Microsoft with a multiyear sales and go-to-market effort for integrated products. The deal builds upon one agreed to 15 months ago, when the two companies combined cloud offerings under their respective Cisco Unified Data Center and Microsoft Fast Track 3.0 architectures.

  • Metricon uses cloud to reduce storage volumes by 80 per cent

    Home building company Metricon has reduced storage volumes by 80 per cent and saved $28,000 on tape costs since it moved to a cloud storage offering in early 2014.

  • All smiles at Dental Corp as cloud liberates data

    Dental services provider Dental Corporation is nearing completion of a project that leverages Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service to deliver real-time data on its practices.

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  • Why everyone’s talking about Azure

    There’s a lot of noise about Azure in the IT marketplace right now. This whitepaper covers how this “growing collection of integrated services” will help you move faster, do more and save money. Find out: why 57% of Fortune 500 companies are already using it, what aspects of business the Azure management porthole integrates, and the 4 major benefits implementation provides.