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News about Australian Federal Police (AFP)
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    Attorney-General department refuses to name third agency using s313

    The Attorney-General's department has refused to reveal a third agency using section 313 of the Telecommunications Act to block websites.

  • ACMA and the AFP team up to fight online child abuse material

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have signed an agreement to help fight the distribution of child abuse material on the Internet.

  • AFP survey combats identity theft

    The minister for home affairs and justice, Brendan O’Connor, has launched an online survey that lets people test how vulnerable they are identity crime and provides measures to help protect them from identity fraudsters and scammers. The launch coincides with National Identity Fraud Awareness Week.

  • Cloud computing hinders foreign data collection: AFP

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has identified rapidly developing technology as a key source of frustration, with the advent of Cloud computing making it more difficult to obtain data from foreign jurisdictions.p

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    Social engineering remains biggest cyber threat

    Despite increases in the number and capability of botnets for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, social engineering remains one of the largest cyber security threats to IT infrastructure according to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

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