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  • In pictures: ASX Liquidity Centre

    In pictures: ASX Liquidity Centre

    The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) took the media on a tour of its Australian Liquidity Centre data centre in Gore Hill, Sydney.

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  • ASIC to offer blockchain guidance to businesses

    This year businesses will move from talking about the potential of distributed ledger technology inspired by Bitcoin’s blockchain to actually implementing and testing it, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s chairperson, Greg Medcraft, today told the organisation’s annual forum.

  • ASX prepares for decision on blockchain-inspired tech

    The Australian Securities Exchange is on track for a decision in late 2017 on whether distributed ledger technology, inspired in part by Bitcoin’s blockchain, represents a suitable replacement for the ASX’s CHESS system.

  • Blockchain benefit to back-up protection

    Following a huge amount of hype in recent years, businesses are now starting to seriously consider the potential of blockchain-inspired technology to perform secure and trusted transactions.

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  • Farming 2.0

    In this final part of Computerworld's series on technological innovations shaping Australian farming, the founding director of Efficient Farming sheds light on how the concept of building an online community for the farming community was born.