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  • ASIO head says government is no Big Brother

    ASIO is not carrying out mass surveillance of average citizens and the agency is subject to an appropriate level of oversight, according to the organisation's head David Taylor Irvine, director-general of security.

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    New laws won't increase spying: govt

    Sweeping new powers for intelligence agencies won't increase surveillance of innocent Australians, Attorney General George Brandis says.

  • Data retention 'under active consideration': Brandis

    Attorney-General George Brandis has confirmed that the government is still mulling introducing mandatory data retention for telcos, but it will not be included in the first tranche of national security-related legislation being introduced in parliament today.

  • EFA takes wait-and-see approach to ASIO changes

    Online civil liberties group Electronic Frontiers Australia will wait until Senator George Brandis unveils his raft of changes to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979 before passing judgement on them, but EFA executive officer Jon Lawrence says he is hopeful that the Attorney-General's proposals will not be "too extreme".

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    Government to seek boost to ASIO powers

    Attorney-General George Brandis has indicated that the federal government will seek to boost ASIO's powers.