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  • Twitter tears into mobile developer services with Fabric

    The problem with Twitter has always been monetization: Ads don't pull in the revenue needed to maintain the social network, and it doesn't have Facebook's pull to entice developers to build on top of the platform. But no more -- or at least so Twitter hopes.

  • Topcoder now has 3,700 Swift devs

    At its most recent Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event in June, Apple took the lid off something it had been silently cooking for years: Swift, a new programming language in the C family designed to combine the robustness of the Objective-C that iOS and OS X developers were used to with the speed of scripting languages like Python.

  • NSW govt seeks apps on education, World War I

    The New South Wales government has announced a competition for apps based on open public data.

  • Mozilla ships Firefox 31, adds search to new tab page

    Mozilla yesterday released Firefox 31, patching 14 vulnerabilities, debuting a search box on the new tab page and adding a Google-provided service that detects and blocks known malicious files before they're downloaded.

  • The agency that brought you the Internet has created a self-guided bullet

    The government's military research agency, DARPA, says it has demonstrated a bullet capable of locking onto a moving target from up to a mile away.

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