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  • Web server malware for Nginx, Apache advertised on underground market

    A new malware program that functions as a module for the Apache and Nginx Web servers is being sold on cybercrime forums, according to researchers from security firm IntelCrawler.

  • Apache forges ahead with OpenOffice.org suite

    In its new role as steward of the OpenOffice.org open source office suite, the Apache Software Foundation expects to offer an Apache-branded version of the package for developers in 2012. Apache also is carefully guarding its trademarks.

  • Apache TomEE Web stack gains approval

    The Apache Software Foundation's enterprise Java Apache Tomcat stack has obtained certification as compatible with the official <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/d/application-development/enterprise-java-upgrade-geared-paas-clouds-223?source=fssr">Java EE</a> (Enterprise Edition) 6 Web Profile specification, Apache said this week.

  • Apache retires Excalibur Java project

    Citing inactivity on the project, the Apache Software Foundation has retired the open source Apache Excalibur project, which provided a Java Inversion of Control container and reusable components, Apache said on Friday.

  • Yahoo drops its own Hadoop distribution

    Yahoo is discontinuing its distribution of the Hadoop platform and will instead focus on Apache Hadoop, the Hadoop Team at Yahoo said this week.

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  • Open source helps Facebook achieve massive app scalability

    People all over the world spend a total of eight billion minutes a day on Facebook. Some 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared every week, 400 billion Web pages are viewed every month and the site logs a staggering 25TB of data every day. David Recordon, senior open programs manager at Facebook, talks about how the social networking giant uses open source tools to achieve its massive app scalablilty.