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  • Marketers can now target the 92 million expats on Facebook

    Facebook has added a new feature to its advertising platform that lets marketers target people living abroad.

  • Tableau adds new enticements to its free data visualization tool

    Tableau's Web-based version of its analytics system allows data visualizations to be published, re-used, and embedded in Web pages as if they were YouTube videos. But the full product comes with a sizeable cost: $1K per user and up.

  • SAP brings new analytics tools to companies large and small

    A bumper crop of new analytics tools has arrived for business users over the past few weeks, and on Tuesday SAP rolled out two fresh examples. Both promising simplicity and usability for non-experts, SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 offers updated capabilities for enterprises seeking insight into large volumes of data such as from the Internet of Things, while a new Edge edition of SAP's Lumira tool targets small and medium-size businesses with data-discovery features.

  • Lawmakers target data brokers in privacy bill

    Four U.S. senators have resurrected legislation that would allow consumers to see and correct personal information held by data brokers and tell those businesses to stop sharing or selling it for marketing purposes.

  • In pictures: Tableau on Tour Melbourne

    Tableau's annual conference came to Melbourne this year. Delegates heard insights from technology futurist Chris Riddell and Tableau CMO Elissa Fink.

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