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  • CIOs boost collaboration to fight terrorism financing

    AUSTRAC chief information officer Maria Milosavljevic has spearheaded an international initiative bringing together IT leaders from financial intelligence units (FIUs) across the region to combat terrorism financing.

  • Teradata doubles down on IoT with two new tools

    The Internet of Things is a big part of what makes Big Data so big, and now analytics provider, Teradata, has unleashed two new tools to help make sense of the vast troves of data it produces.

  • Suncorp slashes data warehouses

    Suncorp Group decommissioned seven of its 13 legacy data warehouses over the last 12 months and it aims to decommission the remaining six, along with a large volume of legacy reporting, by the end of the year.

  • The curious case of Google Street View's missing streets

    With the arrival of El Capitan on Google Street View last month, you can now haul yourself virtually up one of the most famous rock faces in the world. Navigating certain streets in urban areas, however, can still be a challenge.

  • Scott McNealy sees gold in the hills of social data

    It's coming up on four years since ex-Sun CEO Scott McNealy launched Wayin, but the startup today bears little resemblance to its original self.

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