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  • How to do machine learning without data scientists

    Many data and analytics leaders face a chicken and egg situation. Without experienced data scientists, venturing into machine learning and data science is difficult. Without any successful pilots, getting serious business commitment to fund data science projects and hire data scientists is equally challenging.

  • Predictive analytics – everyone’s doing it

    No longer the preserve of the IT department or specialist teams, predictive analytics are increasingly being independently deployed in many other parts of the organisation, and understandably so. Data proliferates and while volume and complexity can slow things down, business demands immediacy. Decision makers want to be ‘doing analytics’ for gain today, not held back by model building for tomorrow.

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  • ​Is big data and artificial intelligence a (r)evolution in outsourcing?

    In recent years, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have received overwhelming attention, however the interesting – even obvious – connection between the two hasn’t often been explored. It is the combination of big data and AI working together that is now enabling business leaders to deliver new insights, efficiencies and even new functions that haven’t been possible before. This is evident in the increasingly useful role big data and AI are playing in a broad spectrum of traditionally outsourced functions such as recruitment, HR, finance and supply chain, through to security and IT.

  • How sports teams win big with data

    Big Data is a huge buzz word in the business world and why should it be any different in sport? Big Data is changing the rules of the game and is providing athletes with the winning edge.

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