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  • Is DevOps secure?

    DevOps — one of the biggest trends in software development among startups and big business alike — first began in 2007. Its aim is to increase the speed at which companies develop and publish software.

  • Red Hat to launch DevOps training services

    Red Hat is preparing to launch new training services focussed on helping organisations develop DevOps capabilities, according to the company's director, consulting and training, for Australia and New Zealand

  • How Bank of New Zealand developers got (really) close to customers

    If you really want to know what customers think, why not go to where the customers are — and ask them? That was the thinking of Bank of New Zealand’s Nigel Manning and Eric Mattlin when they embarked on what they described as “the experiment”.

  • Design thinking, agile development at heart of building control system

    Honeywell last week unveiled its Australian-developed 'Command and Control Suite', which employs a touch-based interface to draw together building data from across large facilities, such as hospitals, universities, prisons and industrial refineries, and centralise manage of building systems.

  • 'Service revolution' driving customer growth at Westpac: Kelly

    The 'service revolution' strategy that Westpac embarked on this year has helped drive customer growth for the bank according to chief executive Gail Kelly.

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