UNICEF taps tech gadgets to save lives

These gadgets used by UNICEF and other nonprofits are changing the lives of kids and adults in underprivileged communities

UNICEF taps tech gadgets to save lives next


In Syrian refugee camps, UNICEF is using a Pi4L all-in-one computer with a 9-inch screen to teach displaced children how to read, write, calculate, game and even program. The Pi4L is basically an oversize 9-inch tablet in a thick photo frame with a Raspberry Pi board tacked on the back, but the sloppy build doesn't affect its utility. The Linux PC -- which costs less than US$100 to make -- has also been used in information kiosks and in Lebanon refugee camps, where kids get a break from their tough lives by playing games or polishing language skills. It has been invaluable to UNICEF as an educational and information resource.

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UNICEF taps tech gadgets to save lives

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