In Pictures: Beyond Firefox - 10 Mozilla projects fuelling the open Web

Mozilla has its hands in many projects aimed at advancing the Web. Here's our take on the 10 most promising

Ten Mozilla projects fueling the open Web Firefox reinvented the old-school Netscape browser, marking a defining moment for Mozilla as an advocate for open Web technologies. Today, market share for Mozilla's most noteworthy project is slumping, and the luster of Firefox appears to be fading somewhat, no thanks to strong competition from Google Chrome.

But that doesn't mean innovation at Mozilla is on the wane. Mozilla has had a hand in many software projects -- some cooked up within Mozilla, others executed in conjunction with other organizations -- and continues to push forward its mission of an open Web.

Here are 10 notable projects Mozilla has played a key role in developing, each of which hint at Mozilla's evolving vision for the Web.

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