In Pictures: 10 prominent features 'stolen' by Apple’s Swift - and where they came from

Apple's new programming language modernizes iOS development by synthesizing great ideas invented elsewhere

What Apple borrowed in creating Swift To paraphrase the saying, good artists borrow, but great ones steal. However you look at it, Apple has nicked a number of features in creating Swift, its recently unveiled programming language for iOS. Swift may technically be "new," but look closely at the documentation, and you'll see Swift more as a collection of popular ideas employed in other programming languages, mashed together under a new name.

Following are the most prominent features of Swift and a glimpse at their origins, which often includes a chain of languages going back decades. This chain isn't definitive; in many cases the source of Swift's inspiration borrowed the idea from yet an earlier language. It's a long tradition of innovation.

The illustrations are from the Swift documentation.

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