In Pictures: Meet the future of computing - 10 killer hardware advancements from Computex 2014

From new chips to super-fast storage and amazing connectivity improvements, the future of computing was unveiled at Computex.

Behold, the future Sure, most of the big news coming out of Computex revolves around the flood of fresh PCs, laptops, and hybrids. But if you peer beyond the peek into holiday lineups you can catch a glimpse of something even more portentous: The very future of computing.

A small army of companies unveiled a slew of futuristic hardware at Computex 2014—not full-blown devices, but components and chips and connectors that help those full-blown devices become all the more powerful. This year's show saw the announcement of blazing-fast enthusiast CPUs from AMD and Intel alike, better-than-ever SSDs and next-gen routers, a full SSD shoved into an itty-bitty flash drive, great news for 4K displays, and a whole lot more. Buckle up.

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