In Pictures: 12 tablet accessories that let you ditch your laptop

Android and iOS tablets have come a long way, but for many users they're still not suitable laptop replacements. However, you can change that. These 12 gadgets each help bridge the gap between notebook PC and tablet.

Last month, Microsoft released official Office apps for iPad, and Apple's tablet got one step closer to becoming a true laptop replacement. Microsoft is also reportedly working on Office apps for Android tablets.

Apps, however, aren't the entire story. If you want to leave your laptop at home, you need to "pimp your tablet-ride" a bit, to bring it more in line with what you get from a laptop computer. An external keyboard is a must, and there's no shortage of options. Other accessories you might not have thought of could also help, such as portable drives that are compatible with Android and iOS.

Here's a look at 12 gadgets for your tablet that can make it more laptop-like.

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