In Pictures: 10 tech company social media bloopers

It’s been quite the month for corporate social media activity. Both Burger King and Jeep have seen their Twitter accounts hijacked, with hilarious results. Meanwhile, Google’s attempt to stir up genuine conversation around its Google Glass project saw some negative feedback. Some brands are even pretending to have their accounts hacked simply for the publicity. But social media blunders are nothing new, and the technology industry is not immune to them

Belkin pays for positive Amazon reviews

Connectivity device manufacturer Belkin, perhaps best known for its Wi-Fi router, was at the center of an ecommerce scandal in 2009 when Engadget published a screenshot of a job post offering money for positive reviews of Belkin products on Amazon. Engadget even pinpointed the person responsible – Belkin business development representative Michael Bayard – and prompted a response and apology from the company.

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