In Pictures: 10 tech company social media bloopers

It’s been quite the month for corporate social media activity. Both Burger King and Jeep have seen their Twitter accounts hijacked, with hilarious results. Meanwhile, Google’s attempt to stir up genuine conversation around its Google Glass project saw some negative feedback. Some brands are even pretending to have their accounts hacked simply for the publicity. But social media blunders are nothing new, and the technology industry is not immune to them

Zuckerberg’s sister leaks private photos

Just over a year later, a photo of a Zuckerberg family get-together made its way to Twitter. The Facebook CEO’s older sister Randi, who thought she posted the photos only to her private account, asked a Twitter user how she had gotten access to it. Later, when it was revealed that she had simply mixed up her privacy settings, the issue served as a prime example of Facebook’s complicated privacy policies.

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