In Pictures: The best office apps for your iPad, round 5

In the heated competition for native and cloud-based iOS productivity apps, InfoWorld chooses the winners you should own

The rest of the presentation editors

The $19.99 Quickoffice Pro HD's presentation editor is basic, aimed at touching up existing presentations' text and object placement, not creating new slideshows. Forget about anything like Keynote's animation capabilities. But it supports AirPrint and PDF export, unlike its non-Apple competitors.

ByteSquared's $7.99 Office2HD presentation editor is likewise basic, aimed at touchup work.

BlackBerry's $16.99 Documents to Go Premium is less than basic when it comes to presentation editing, allowing just text touchup.

Picsel's $9.99 SmartOffice 2 is, in a word, unusable due to a very poor user interface and limited capabilities.

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