In Pictures: Hottest products at Mobile World Congress 2013

World’s biggest mobile show boasts LTE phones, Android tablets, Gigabit Wi-Fi, Firefox OS and more

First phone with the “non-operating system” Firefox OS revealed its Firefox OS project a year ago at MWC 2012. This year, Mozilla confirmed that four phone makers will release devices later in 2013. Mozilla’s early partner, ZTE, is showing off the ZTE Open, due out later this year. The Open is pretty basic: 3.5-inch screen, at 480 x 320 pixels; a Qualcomm processor based on the older ARM Cortex A5 CPU, with 256MB of RAM; 512MB of expandable storage, and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

The firmware is the merest sliver of an OS: a small Linux kernel and other low-level elements, which act mainly to support device drivers and to launch the Gecko rendering engine, the heart of Mozilla's Firefox browser.

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