In Pictures: Hottest products at Mobile World Congress 2013

World’s biggest mobile show boasts LTE phones, Android tablets, Gigabit Wi-Fi, Firefox OS and more

A phone with universal LTE support?

Qualcomm announced the RF360 a radio front end: a package of components that will let a smartphone or tablet make use of most of the varied LTE frequency bands in use around the world. Importantly, the size of the package is up to 50% smaller than current technology, according to Qualcomm.

LTE phones today are designed for a given carrier’s radio frequencies and there is no universal LTE frequency. The RF360 “enables for the first time a single, global 4G LTE design for mobile devices,” as well as existing 3G and 2G cellular modes, according to Qualcomm. That means, among other things, that future LTE phones will be able to roam on various carriers’ networks, as many 3G phones can do today.

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