In Pictures: Hottest products at Mobile World Congress 2013

World’s biggest mobile show boasts LTE phones, Android tablets, Gigabit Wi-Fi, Firefox OS and more

Huawei’s LTE haymaker

Raising its sights to the mid-range phone market, Huawei Technologies announced the latest in its P series phones unveiled in January: the Ascend P2, with a theoretical maximum LTE data rate of 150Mbps, making it the fastest cell phone yet from any vendor, according to Huawei.

The overview: quad-core 1.5GHz processor; Gorilla Glass 2-protected 4.7-inch 720p screen that can be used with gloves on; 1GB RAM, 16GB of storage; 13-megapixel camera, with dedicated physical key and High Dynamic Range mode (a technique to better show the range of light from darkest to lightest in an image); near-field communications (NFC) chip; and a battery with a whopping big 2,420 mAh capacity. Ships: Q2, for about $525.

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