In Pictures: 5 tricks to restore the Windows 8 Start menu

As everybody knows, the Start button is not included in Windows 8, and Microsoft has vowed not to put it back. If you’d rather not be forced to use the full-screen, tile-based UI, called Modern, here are five alternative programs that install on Windows 8.


Developer: SweetLabs

Price: Free

Pokki is a so-called app store -- upon installation, it places its branded icon to the left of the taskbar in Windows 8’s Desktop Mode environment. Click the icon and a panel pops open in which you can browse through, search for, and install a variety of apps. But there’s an option within the Pokki program which will switch on a Start menu-style UI that will let you launch traditional Windows apps. When you click the Pokki icon with this option on, it then works like a Start button for Windows 8.

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