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Smartphones, smart chips, mobile browsers and augmented reality will be reality at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

New NVIDIA CPU integrates LTE for smartphones

The chipmaker announced a new Tegra CPU aimed at low-power smartphones and embedded devices: the Tegra 4i chip, with an integrated LTE modem, the i500. It’s been described as a “cut-down” variant of the Tegra 4 announced in January. The 4i is different because it uses the less powerful ARM Cortex A9 cores (instead of A15) to reduce power consumption and die size; and because it incorporate NVIDIA’s Icera i500 LTE/HSPA+ baseband processor onto the same die. The result, as shown, is a dramatically smaller component that needs less power. The new chip was co-developed with ARM, according to an NVIDIA executive, representing “not a simple rev of [the] A9, but a pretty heavy improvement."

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