In Pictures: 10 high-tech breakups and hookups to look for in 2013

Buyouts, betrayals, and booty calls - the tech industry is steamy with merger and split-up intrigue

Breakup: Apple & Intel

As InfoWorld's Tom Halfhill notes, there are good arguments both for and against an Apple-Intel divorce. Historically, Intel's chips have been too power-hungry for mobile devices, while the ARM processors have been too anemic for desktops and notebooks. But as Apple's desktop and mobile OSes inevitably converge, something's got to give. Just as it dumped Motorola for IBM, then IBM for Intel, we're betting Apple gives Intel its walking papers and hooks up with a new chip partner -- maybe Qualcomm -- for iDevices of every size. In love one day, in divorce court the next; that's just how it goes with celebrity marriages.

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