In Pictures: 12 enraging Office 2013 flaws -- and how to fix them

A step-by-step guide to exorcising the new demons in Microsoft Office 2013

Get rid of the Open/Save Backstage screens

Problem: So why, I hear you ask, do you have to use these cute SkyDrive screens to open/save in the first place? Sure, Microsoft wants to sell you SkyDrive space, but can’t you tell Office 2013 to skip the cloud-sucking screens (called “Backstage screens”) and cut to the old Open and Save As dialogs we’ve known for years?

Solution: Yes, you can tell Office to skip the Backstage screens. But I’ve had trouble getting the setting to work. In theory at least, you can click on File, Options, Save, and under Save Presentations check the box marked Don’t Show the Backstage When Opening or Saving Files. Restart all of your Office apps. Does it work for you?

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