In Pictures: 12 enraging Office 2013 flaws -- and how to fix them

A step-by-step guide to exorcising the new demons in Microsoft Office 2013

The bottom line on Office 2013

Office 2013 isn’t significantly different from Office 2010 -- which, except for Outlook, wasn’t all that much different from Office 2007. You can learn to live with it, just as you have with its forebears.

To me the most off-putting aspects of Office 2013 are its tacked-on-tactile design and its insistence on thrusting SkyDrive in my face. I don’t find the interface particularly well executed for touch -- not even close to Apple’s Pages, for example. I prefer to use Dropbox or Google Docs, rather than SkyDrive, for cloud storage. That’s zero for two.

If I were on a tablet all the time, I might consider using Office 2013. But on a desktop or notebook? No way; unless it’s free.

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