In Pictures: 12 enraging Office 2013 flaws -- and how to fix them

A step-by-step guide to exorcising the new demons in Microsoft Office 2013

Pin your favorite folders

Problem: Pinning folders in the Open/Save As dialogs in Office 2010 is easy -- drag the folder to the left side of the Open dialog. In Office 2013, you can pin a folder that contains a document you’ve opened recently -- just click on the “pin” to the right of the folder. But if you want to pin any other folder to the Folders list, fuhgeddaboutit. (For example, if you frequently open files in subfolders under the “Invoices” folder, pinning “Invoices” -- not the subfolders -- defies imagination.)

Solution: Create a file in the folder you want to pin (in this example, “Invoices”), open the file, go back into File, Open and pin the folder, then delete the file. Can you find a better way?

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