In Pictures: 12 enraging Office 2013 flaws -- and how to fix them

A step-by-step guide to exorcising the new demons in Microsoft Office 2013

Set all of your favorite power user changes

Problem: Microsoft had a chance to make things easier for power users in 2013, but it didn’t. All the training wheels are still there, and you have to hunt and peck to get rid of them. That’s why, for example, every time you type an email address, it gets underlined, bolded, discolored, and set up as a link.

Solution: In Word click File, Options. Under General, you can show paragraph marks, tabs, and object anchors -- all crucial to understand formatting. In the Proofing area, click the AutoCorrect Options box and uncheck the settings you don’t like. In Excel, click File, Options, and under Proofing, click the button marked AutoCorrect Options. And so on.

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