In Pictures: The 10 weirdest, wildest, most shocking security exploits ever

Surprise! Bad guys are getting creative

I'm in ur base, spying on ur d00dz

That fancy videoconferencing setup your company purchased could be the proverbial fly on the wall for bad guys. "Some videoconferencing systems are accessible via the Internet and present the perfect target for listening in on a company’s secret videoconference calls," says McAfee's Dirro.

In 2010, security researchers were able to take advantage of multiple vulnerabilities in Cisco's Unified Videoconferencing products to compromise the devices, granting access to the hardware as well as to any networks the hardware was connected to. (Cisco quickly patched the flaws.)

In January 2012, security researchers found that as many as 150,000 videoconferencing systems are configured to answer calls automatically.

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