In Pictures: The 10 weirdest, wildest, most shocking security exploits ever

Surprise! Bad guys are getting creative

I peep at your printer

The convenience of network- and Web-connected printers can't be overstated—printing from anywhere is awesome—but many of those Web-connected printers sit outside of firewalls, just waiting for an enterprising hacker to say hello. A pair of January reports highlighted the potential peril lurking inside printers.

First, ViaForensics researcher Sebastian Guerrero identified vulnerabilities in HP's JetDirect technology that hackers could attack to crash the hardware or, even worse, gain access to previously printed documents. App developer Andrew Howard followed up with a blog post detailing how a "quick, well-crafted Google Search" can identify tens of thousands of Web-accessible HP printers. Ruh-roh, Raggy!

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