In Pictures: The worst IT addictions (and how to cure them)

Jargon, data, power -- the first step to IT recovery is recognizing the monkey on your back

IT addiction no. 3: Data

Blame cheap storage or the magical belief that big data will revolutionize your company, but many IT pros are unrepentant information junkies -- and that can lead to data overload, or worse.

"While data storage advances make data retention and distribution easy, they also make privacy hard," says Dr. Donn DiNunno, quality director at EM&I. "If data is never erased, potential threats to privacy and security endure for years."

The cure: IT needs to look more selectively at the data it collects and retains.

"Privacy controls, better understanding of the user's needs, working on the value and quality of data, and respecting the use of 'IT power' so that that power doesn't corrupt us all -- these are the cures," DiNunno says.

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