In Pictures: The worst IT addictions (and how to cure them)

Jargon, data, power -- the first step to IT recovery is recognizing the monkey on your back

IT addiction no. 2: Power

Power can be dangerous, as any organization that has endured a rogue sysadmin knows. Because technology is central to modern organizations and poorly understood by those outside IT, it's easy for tech whizzes to perpetuate fiefdoms.

As a result, IT pros often forget they exist to support the business.

The cure: "Having all of their computing resources in one massive IT department that's supposed to magically manage priorities and resources for every other department just doesn't work any more,” notes Jeffrey Palermo, president and COO of Headspring. “They need to disband the big IT departments, give each functional department their own tech staff and computing resources, and allow them to set their own priorities."

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